When Keith Leaphart isn’t dreaming up new colorful wall decals for Wallsome or the latest design collab with his marketing powerhouse Replica Creative, he’s focusing on building his empire at home. As a father of two young boys and the nation’s leading “docpreneur,” he’s juggling identities while making a mark for himself—and looking good doing so. Take a peek into the grooming rituals of Keith Leaphart inside his Roxborough home while he shows us his self-care routine, style philosophy and overall laid-back-yet-dope aesthetic.

Keith Leaphart Grooming Ace
Photography by Lauren McGrath,

Name: Keith Leaphart
Age: 42
Occupation: Docpreneur

So the occupation question might have been a little tough to answer…Tell us a little bit about the many things you’re involved with.  
Physician by training; entrepreneur by birth!

How does your appearance factor into your everyday life?
I truly believe when you look good you feel good.  

Aside from how you dress, what do you do to make sure you’re looking good and feeling fine before stepping out of the house?
The final step is always making sure that my skin is well-hydrated.

Keith Leaphart Grooming Ace
Photography by Lauren McGrath.

Tell us about your everyday skincare, face and body regimen.
In the morning, I use Cetaphil facial wash. At night, I have been using a new facial wash product called Lqd. Once I clean the skin, I use a nighttime facial cream. I use a weekly facial scrub and get massages at least once a quarter (although I need them at least bi-weekly).

You shave your head…walk us through your head-shaving ritual.
I can teach a class on the best way to shave a bald head. It starts with using my facial scrub on the face, neck and scalp, which helps to lift the hairs. Second, I use a shave cream by Cremo which allows for a very smooth shave. (The last thing you want is to nick your skin!) Next is the most important step: Post-shave, you must apply aloe vera to your skin. It’s great for burns and irritation. Once the aloe is applied, I use a calming cream to make sure that skin stays well-hydrated to avoid any bumps.

What first got you into taking care of your skin?
I always felt it was important to have healthy skin. I was voted best-dressed in high school and skin was part of the package of being a well-manicured male.

Keith Leaphart Grooming Ace
Photography by Lauren McGrath.

What are your thoughts on the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding men taking care of their skin, hair, and spending money on products?
As a 6’4” African-American male, I have faced stereotypes throughout my life—and I don’t by into any of them. I started getting manicures and pedicures at the age of 20. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a well-manicured man.

Tom Ford says dressing well is a form of good manners…Got any thoughts about how grooming and etiquette go hand-in-hand?
I believe a man can be well-groomed without being vain. I have always taken pride in being a well-groomed and enjoy getting dressed for a night on the town.

Keith Leaphart Grooming Ace
Photography by Lauren McGrath.

How do you pick your fragrances?
I started wearing cologne in high school, and the response from the ladies was always positive. I have been a cologne collector every since. My daily is Tom Ford Black Orchid; my evening collection includes Creed Aventus (now way too popular) and my new favorite, House of Sillage Signature N.002.

What was the first product you bought that got you into taking care of your skin?
Noxzema at age 9 or 10.

Any advice for men out there who do absolutely nothing to take care of their skin, hair and body beyond bar soap in the shower? 
Get ready to be old, lonely with dry skin!

Rapid-fire round:
Your zodiac sign: Aquarius
Date night spot: My house
Favorite wardrobe item: Black Armani suit
One grooming product you can’t live without: Gilette Mach3 razor
Last book you read: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth
Your one word for 2017: Growth
Your personal style in one word: Non-conformist

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