Welcome to Lo/Key, a column by yours truly, Lo McGrath, editor here at Grooming Messenger, offering low-key life tweaks for any guy looking to step up his grooming game in a major way. Consider me your “what women want” shaman, the platonic bestie wing woman you never knew you needed. Ready to change up the game and start living a cut above?

Before you get freaked out by the term “man beauty,” hear me out. Nowadays, guys are dropping more dimes on their appearance more than ever before. (And to that, we say hellllll yeah.) It makes sense for guys to invest in quality shoes or a made-to-measure suit—simple classics that’ll last you forever. But at the heart of it all, your wardrobe is more than clothes; it’s your opportunity to make a solid impression.

But guess what? Your face is, too. So is your hair. So is the way you smell. They’re all factors that go into the impression you leave on someone, whether you’re walking into a boardroom or a Bumble date.

You care about how you look; maybe that’s the reason you’re on this site right now. And we couldn’t be happier—because unlike a suit, you can’t just order a new one when your skin starts to look worn or your hairline starts receding. The time to start stepping up your grooming game is now. We beg of you, put down the three-in-one shower gel, the generic deodorant, the cologne you’ve been wearing for 100 years, and the notion that caring for your skin, hair, body and appearance is something unique to the opposite sex.

Grooming Messenger is here to help you navigate the intimidating, female-oriented world of beauty. (See? Even the word for the industry is feminine.) You shouldn’t be left out of the dialogue! Through our product recommendations, step-by-step guides and Grooming Ace profiles, we’re here to break down the world of man beauty, educating you on how to look your absolute best on the daily, no matter where life takes you.

Let Grooming Messenger be the reason you start to make simple changes in your life. See how those little upgrades in your grooming routine make you feel—and more importantly, see what starts to change in your world because of it. (You can thank us later.)

Lo Key
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