Nik Stauskas isn’t your average NBA player. (For starters, he’s got one of the greatest nicknames in sports history.) A Canadian with a penchant for three-pointers, Stauskas led the Michigan Wolverines to their winningest two-year stretch in school history before going pro. First with the Sacramento Kings and now owning the court with the Philadelphia 76ers, Stauskas is already making a name for himself in the NBA at 23 years old—and he’s just getting started. The best part? He looks damn good doing it. Always sporting fresh threads and a sleek mane, he’s every bit as put together off the court as he is an animal on it.

We paired up with Stauskas to find out his go-to products that live in his dopp kit. From his flawless hair routine (takes 30 seconds!) to the pre-game grooming rituals that go on inside the locker room, here’s a peek inside the world of Grooming Ace Nik Stauskas.

Nik Stauskas Grooming Ace
Photography by Lo McGrath.

What’s your skincare routine?
Blistex is my go-to brand for chapstick, but beyond a mild face wash, nutrition and hydration serve as my primary skincare routine.

What are your go-to hair products?
Dove products all the way in the shower, and Ellen (my hair stylist at Style of Man in Philadelphia) has a variety of Redken styling pastes that work very well.
The one man-beauty product you can’t live without?
Redken’s maximum control work hard molding hair paste.

nik staatskas grooming ace

What made you step up your grooming game?
Looking professional on TV for NBA games has played a large role in evolving my focus on skincare and grooming.

Walk us through your ultimate date night in Philly.
The ironing board definitely always makes an appearance as part of my pre-date routine. Paired with a casual hot shower, and time spent prepping the hair, of course, I tend to keep it pretty simple. I’d probably hit up my favorite sushi spot, Umai Umai in Fairmount.
Who’s a die-hard on the team for their man-beauty products? 
TJ McConnell is the king of hair on the team. Tresemmé hairspray and gel are his weapons of choice, and he is very particular about making sure nothing touches his hair once it’s done. While I’m very much the same way at times (when I check into games and am taking off my warm up I always have to quickly check the hair after), TJ takes it to a whole other level with priceless and borderline aggressive reactions to anyone who intentionally or even accidentally touches his hair.

nik staatskas grooming ace

What’s your signature scent?
1 Million by Paco Rabanne is definitely my favorite cologne. I’ve even had strangers compliment me on it! I currently own two of their fragrances — the original and Privé.

Man manis or nah?
Yes and no: I do get the occasional pedicure but have never gotten a manicure.

What’s your personal style?
Casual/hipster hybrid — I recently splurged on my first shearling coat.

One word to describe 2017?