When it comes to men’s hairstyles, you can either be a timeless or trendy kind of dude. No judgments either way—we like a healthy mixture of the two—but we certainly can tell when a haircut/style needs to be retired. (Like that time I was holiday shopping last month and I saw a 5-year-old boy with this haircut.)  

We think the start of 2017 is high time to take inventory of the way you cut and style your hair, so we hit up two men’s hair pros—Paul Labrecque, owner of multiple hair salons, and Brendan Harley, ethnic hair expert at Parker’s Barbershop—for their wisdom on what’s in and out for men’s hairstyles this year.

men's hairstyles undercut
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Retire: Pompadour/undercut
Been there done that, says everyone who’s had hair for the past three years. “The extremely tight sides and long top were so popular for so long that my father’s accountant has it, so it’s time to change things up men,” says Paul.

Replace with: Controlled chaos
Get a more grown-up look by embracing your natural texture. Let the sides grow long-ish and your texture to wile out, but keep it all under control with soft gels and creams, says Paul. The ladies will love it.

men's hairstyles skin fade
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Retire: Cornrows
Plain and simple, Brendan tells us, “Cornrows are still a bad idea”—as in, if you haven’t gotten the message yet, here it is. There are much better alternatives just waiting to crown your noggin.

Replace with: Skin fade
“Always has been skin fades, always will be,” says Brendan. They look fresh, are easy to maintain, and the service is always quick and consistent when getting this cut. Plus, this look works with almost every style on top of the head—meaning, you could go Odell Beckham with it or stick to a classic flat top.

men's hairstyles color
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Retire: Dull color
Actually, retire the notion that dudes don’t get color in their hair unless it’s to cover up greys. Color theory doesn’t adhere to gender roles. If your mousey color is making you look tired and old, switch it up.

Replace with: Some color. Any color.
If your hair gets lighter in the summer sun, keep that brightness going year-round with a few natural-looking pieces in the winter. If edgy is your thing, try a pop of deep purple or bleach blonde to your close-cropped buzz. Looking for low-maintenance? Ask for natural-looking balayage to enhance your look. 2017 is all about breaking rules in fashion, and hair color is at the vanguard.

men's hairstyles beard
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Retire: Bushy beards
Unless you are a lumberjack (odds are you’re not) or cast in The Revenant 2, as Paul says, “you should not be rocking this mangy mess. We know, it took approximately three years to grow it out—but it probably looks mad unkempt and adds 15 pounds to your jowls.

Replace with: Close-cropped beardage
You don’t need to sacrifice any fullness of beard with this look. Simply ask your barber for a faded look that’ll define the jawline in a much sleeker way than your brillo-pad beard from before.