Most people think of the drugstore as a place to pick up vitamins and household items, but did you ever think about its body care section? From face wash to body lotions, you’d be surprised what you can find. We’ve been known to find some of our favorite products within these aisles. Aside from the fact that the products are great, you’re bound to find some crazy good deals. Guys, how can you beat that?

We love focusing on body care products while perusing the drugstore aisles. Taking care of your body is just as important as your face and hair. After hitting the gym or a rough night out, you want to be able to clean up and feel fresh. For us, there’s no better feeling. With that being said, we understand that navigating the aisles can be daunting. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top five drugstore finds for men.

drugstore finds for menDove Men+Care Dual-Sided Shower Tool ($3.99)
It’s time to raise the bar when it comes to washing your body. Long gone are the days of using your hands or a dingy washcloth. C’mon fellas, it’s all about feeling your best. We love using this shower tool—this is not your average loofah. With two different sides, you’re able to really give yourself a deep clean. The mesh side is great for a thick lather, while the scrub side helps exfoliate your skin. This is the perfect addition to your shower routine, especially after a late night out.

drugstore finds for menBurt’s Bees Body Wash Peppermint & Rosemary ($4.79)
Waking up in the morning can be hard, which is why we love using this peppermint body wash. It’s great at energizing our skin and bringing us back to life. We love that this body wash is plant-based and 99% natural—sensitive skin, rejoice! This body wash will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world.


drugstore finds for men

J.R. Watkins Naturals Sugar & Shea Body Scrub Lemon Cream ($9.49)
Remember how we said it’s time to raise the bar? That means you can’t stick to just body wash. Using a body scrub helps exfoliate your skin, which is pretty important when it comes to body care. Guys, don’t knock it ‘til you try it. We use body scrubs to help wash away those nasty dead skin cells. Your skin is constantly growing new cells and in order to look your best. Exfoliating your skin helps scrub away the old and make room for the new, and this sugar scrub does just that. Your skin is left clean, smooth and moisturized.

drugstore finds for menAveeno Skin Relief 24 Hour Moisturizing Lotion, Fragrance Free ($9.49)
After you’ve washed off all that nasty stuff, it’s time to give your skin some TLC. Nobody likes dry skin, especially the person lying next to you, which is why it’s so important to use a quality body lotion. We like this specific lotion because it’s soothing and moisturizes for a whole 24 hours. The best part? It’s fragrance-free, so no one will even know that you’ve got all that goodness on your skin.


drugstore finds for menTom’s of Maine Long Lasting Men’s Deodorant, Mountain Spring ($6.29)
From long days at the office to intense gym sessions, you want to make sure you smell your best. That’s why we find ourselves turning to this natural deodorant time after time. This product does just what it says—24 hour odor protection, plus mountain spring fragrance that’ll keep you  smelling fresh all day long. Make sure you’re feeling fresh before you head out to rule the day.